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Halle Berry Describes Her First Time Making Out With Another Woman

While we all have very different first kiss experiences, there are a few things we have in common when it comes to that initial smooch: it’s exciting, awkward, and, well, totally nerve-wracking. When we reflect on our thoughts just before that memorable first kiss, a few lingering questions came to mind, namely, what are we supposed to do with our lips?! And French kissing? Well, that’s a completely different beast. Actress Halle Berry recently recounted her first kiss experience, and she made sure she was prepared when she decided she wanted to plant one on her boyfriend. In fact, she revealed that she had a little help from her best girlfriend at the time to practice her kissing moves.

As usual, Berry spilled it all on an episode of her Instagram Live show “Bad & Booshy.” She began the story of her first kiss by simply saying, “My first kiss…was a girl.” She added, “cause I had this boyfriend named LaShawn Boyd and I wanted to French kiss him. But I didn’t know how to French kiss, so I got my best girlfriend at the time to show me how to French kiss so I could French kiss him.”

She continued, “So she came over to my house and kissed me for like 30 minutes. Literally showed me how to French kiss a boy. And then the next night, I went and French kissed LaShawn Boyd.” Honestly, we give serious props to Berry’s friend for being willing to help a friend in need one time around, never mind for 30 minutes.

Hey, who needs to practice with cherry stems when you have a friend like Berry’s?!

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