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Jill Biden’s Valentine to Joe Is Big and Smack in the Middle of the White House Lawn

President Joe Biden and First Lady Jill Biden have always been an affectionate couple, and that hasn’t stopped now that they’ve relocated to the White House. The First Lady surprised the President with a special Valentine’s Day treat and set up heart-shaped signs on the White House lawn overnight — and it is so adorable. Some people bake cookies and brownies for V-day, but the educator that Dr. Biden is, she decided to use the holiday to shine a light on important messages of love, kindness, unity, and more not only for her husband but the rest of the country as well.

“Look at what First Lady Dr. Biden did!” Scott Dworkin wrote on Twitter. In the pictures we see Jill wearing an adorable artist apron as she paints on a sign that reads, “Healing,” with her white paint. Dr. Biden signed her name at the bottom of the red heart-shaped sign, “Love, Jill.” Other signs on the lawn put up by Jill read, “love,” “courage,” “compassion,” and “kindness.”

Per a tweet from CSPAN, when asked by reporters why Jill installed the Valentine’s Day display she responded, “I just wanted some joy.”

She added, “With the pandemic, just everybody’s feeling a little down. So, it’s just a little joy. A little hope. That’s all.” On her Instagram, Jill shared an image that echoed all of the messages she wanted to convey.

Per The Wrap, as the President spoke to press (with Major and Champ Biden happily present) he mentioned that Valentine’s Day is Jill’s favorite day, “for real.”

We love seeing the President and the First Lady celebrate Valentine’s Day so publicly and by the responses of many on the internet, we think Jill’s efforts to spread joy succeeded.

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