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Pink & Daughter Willow Reveal Duet ‘Cover Me in Sunshine’

One of our favorite things is when celebrity parents proudly show off their talented little ones. Pink’s daughter with Carey Hart, Willow Sage, has followed in her mama’s musical footsteps from a young age. From performing on stage during Pink’s tour to recording with her mom in the studio, Willow is no doubt a young star in the making. Today, Pink and Willow Sage released yet another amazing collaboration called “Cover Me In Sunshine,” and it honestly has us feeling emotional. Check out what the gushing mom had to say about their new song below.

On Twitter, the singer explained that the song was made in response to the “challenging” year that we’ve had. Pink shared that the duet was made at home and they decided to release it for, “No other reason other than we hope that the song makes you feel happy.”

She added, “We thought we’d put it out around Valentine’s Day as a big old hug and kiss to all y’all.” TBH even the idea of the duo working together and having fun makes us more than happy. Of course, the actual lyrics of the song are every bit as sweet as the thought that went into it.

“Cover me in sunshine/ Shower me with good times/ Tell me that the world’s been spinning since the beginning/ And everything will be alright/ Cover me in sunshine,” we hear Pink and Willow sing in the chorus. The song even references COVID-19 in lines that are sure to resonate with how many others are feeling, “Just imagine people laughing/ I know some day we will/ And even if it’s far away/ Give me through another day.”

The two are magic together and we feel so fortunate we are able to hear Pink and Willow make meaningful music together.

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