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Halle Berry Had a “Janet Jackson Moment” on IG Live

Every few weeks, Halle Berry and longtime friend Lindsay Flores have been treating us to episodes of their Instagram Live show “Bad & Booshy,” in which they discuss all the intimate details of sex, dating, relationships, and their changing lives — including today’s topic, how their bodies changed during pregnancy. It was Berry’s self-proclaimed “Janet Jackson moment” that stole the show, though, a comment she made between gasps of laughter seconds after her top decided to go ahead and evacuate her shoulder, momentarily flashing her breast on IG Live. It may be because Flores and Berry are usually about five margaritas deep when they start filming these, but the actress was howling with joy at this “oops” moment.

In the middle of an anecdote about the doctor she’d recommended to friend Flores, Berry’s strap fell down, quickly corrected with some strategic blurring.

“What the hell happened here? What the hell happened? I’m having a Janet Jackson moment,” Berry said, cracking up as she realized.

“Wasn’t she on stage with Justin?” Flores asks.

“Yes, and it was really by accident and it just happened to me so I understand,” Berry said breathlessly. “I’m with you, J.”

See? It could happen to Janet Jackson, it could happen to Halle Berry, it could happen to anyone. And part of the reason the actress may not have minded is because she’s generally a big fan of letting it all hang out.

“I felt sexy every single day of every single one of my two pregnancies. I was walking around naked,” Berry declared earlier in the episode, Flores nodding vigorously to confirm the latter.

“You were the most annoying pregnant person,” Flores informs her. And isn’t it nice that Berry has friends to keep her humble?

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Halle Berry

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