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Ivanka Trump’s Cousin Mary Thinks It’s Too Late To Make a Comeback

Ever since the violent Capitol riots happened, the Trump family (or at least Donald Trump’s children) have been doing damage control — especially Ivanka Trump, who reportedly is hoping that her successful efforts to help secure pardons for white-collar criminals will pay off if and when she decides to pursue a political career. Needless to say, there are plenty of people who won’t be easily swayed by PR tactics and will refuse to budge when it comes to voting for Ivanka (or any member of the Trump family) in the future, including her cousin Mary.

Mary Trump has been extremely vocal about her distaste of her estranged family members during the course of Donald Trump’s presidency, so it’s not surprising she won’t be supporting any future political endeavors from the Trumps. When asked in an interview by Sirius XM Radio’s Dean Obeidallah on how the former president’s incitement of the riots will affect both Ivanka and Donald Trump Jr.’s political comeback Mary answered simply, “I think it’s over.”

“I think it’s completely over and they have their father to thank for that,” Mary added. “The insurrection was a bridge too far.” She continued to explain that Trump Jr. is “for sure totally implicated” in his father’s incitement of the MAGA mob at the Capitol. While President Trump has since been impeached for the second time, Mary said of her cousin, “If there’s any justice, he will be indicted at some point as well.”

As for Ivanka, her cousin says that Ivanka and her husband Jared Kushner’s beliefs of social rehabilitation is “just insane.” “We have all of this information coming out that Ivanka and Jared, allegedly employees of the federal government, have made an excess of $600 million dollars through their grit over the last couple of years,” Mary said. “So, I think the fact that they think there is any chance for them to turn the corner or rehabilitate their prospects is just insane.”

Ivanka is currently rumored to have her eye on a Marco Rubio’s Senate seat, but whether or not she’ll actually go for it, or is waiting to run for an even bigger federal office position is unknown. Either way, she won’t be able to count on Mary Trump’s vote.

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