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Paulina Porizkova Was Broke for a Year After Ex-Husband Ric Ocasek Died

Paulina Porizkova is getting real about what her life looked like after the death of her ex-husband Ric Ocasek — and it was anything but pretty for the supermodel. In a conversation about finances with UBS, she revealed that after Ocasek unexpectedly passed away — and left her out of his will — she was completely broke.

The two separated in 2017 after 28 years of marriage; they had no prenuptial agreement in place and Ocasek died before a divorce settlement was reached. Court documents obtained by Page Six in 2019 revealed Ocasek’s obvious hurt feelings: “Even if I should die before our divorce is final, Paulina is not entitled to any elective share… because she has abandoned me.” Ouch!

That left Porizkova with property to her name, but no cash on hand — and it was a scary time for her. “I got two mortgaged houses and the pension, but no way to pay for anything,” she explained in the conversation with UBS Vice Chairwoman Paula Polito. “So obviously things had to be sold, but until they got sold, I had nothing to live on. I literally went through a year of asking my friends to buy us groceries. It was not a good position to be in.”

The 55-year-old model felt embarrassed that she had put herself in that risky financial position, but she’s being honest about the situation now in order to encourage other women to have those difficult conversations with their partners. “I was stupid,” she laughed. “It was incredibly naïve of me.” Instead of feeling ashamed now about the challenges she went through, she’s finding a sense of purpose in helping others not make the same mistakes.


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