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Joe & Jill Biden Share the Emotional Moment With Baby Beau Biden That Made Their Night ‘Complete’

President Joe Biden loves his family — and if that’s not the first thing you learn about him, he’d very much like it to be the second. A family man through and through, Joe has made it very clear that, while he won’t be involving any of his children or grandchildren in his administration, they’ll still have access to their dad (or grandpa) whenever they need him. To that end, he and wife Jill Biden have made sure that family can be comfortable when they come by the White House, recently revealing that they have a crib set up for 10-month-old grandson Beau, the son of Hunter Biden. Joe and Jill’s son Beau Biden passed away in 2015 of brain cancer, but had named one of his children after brother Hunter before he died. When Hunter’s son was born in 2020, he returned the favor and named him after the late Beau. Talking about this baby boy now, Joe makes it clear just how meaningful of a gesture that was (and ignores Jill’s advice not to talk about it lest he get teary-eyed).

In their first White House interview with People, Joe and Jill detailed how they were making the living quarters their ownn — which for the Bidens, means getting it ready for family.

“We used to have two sets of bunk beds at home, they outgrew them. Although we now have one little 10-month-old,” Joe explains of their usual living set-up.

Jill notes that they’ve added a crib to the White House, and, while on the topic of baby Beau, Joe dwells for a moment, noting that his wife has warned him of his tendency to get emotional when he talks about Beau.

“For us, family is the beginning, middle and end,” he said. “And Jill’s going to warn me not to say this because I sometimes get emotional, but it meant so much that Beau was there — our son Beau, who was an incredible man. He was there in his namesake, his nephew Beau-y. It just seemed—”

“Complete,” Jill said.

Both Jill and Joe have paid tribute to their late son in their own ways in the weeks coming up to the inauguration, a milestone moment at which it must have been painful to feel his absence. It’s clear that, in the Biden family, Beau’s spirit is alive and with them. To have a little Beau in name too is just another sweet embodiment of that familial love.

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