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Chelsea Handler Asked Woody Allen & Soon-Yi How They Met at a Jeffrey Epstein Dinner Party

On a New York City evening an undisclosed number of years ago, late financier and convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein hosted one of his famous dinner parties for the social elites in his circle. Among them: Prince Andrew, Charlie Rose, Woody Allen (a veritable who’s who of sexual misconduct claims, it’s worth noting), and Chelsea Handler, who’s now speaking out about her “awkward” experience. On Rob Lowe’s podcast Literally! With Rob Lowe, Handler describes the evening she spent in their company: who was there, what was said. For figures like Andrew who have repeatedly tried to create distance between themselves and Epstein, this is bound to once again raise suspicions as to their closeness.

“I did go to dinner at Jeffrey Epstein’s house. I didn’t know who Jeffrey Epstein was,” Handler tells Lowe. “I went with Katie Couric. Woody Allen and Soon-Yi Previn were there. Charlie Rose was there. Oh yeah Prince Andrew was there with — no, with no one. He was there with Jeffrey Epstein.”

Handler says she was at the party “not for very long” and that this is the only time she ever met Epstein: “I’ve never been onto the private island, I’ve never been on his plane. I’ve met him one time and that was the time.”

Not knowing who Epstein was at the time, Handler’s primary awkwardness wound up coming from an exchange with Allen and Previn, who famously began their relationship while Previn was in the care of adoptive mother (and Allen’s ex) Mia Farrow.

“I asked Woody Allen how he and Soon-Yi met and that was when I left,” she says. “I really was curious, I had forgotten for a moment and so I asked them what I would ask any other couple — but as it came out of my mouth I knew that it was too late and I was like ‘oh.'”

“He loved it,” she added. “Soon-Yi, I don’t think she heard it, but Katie looked at me and she’s like, ‘let’s go.'”

As far as Epstein goes, it sounds like Handler came out unscathed — but it’s still startling to see how many people at the peak of their industries (or, you know, in the British Royal Family) were casually socializing with him on a given evening. If Chelsea Handler has a story like this, many more Hollywood stars must too.

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