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Kanye West Seems to Have Cleared Out His Stuff in Kim Kardashian’s New Photos

If you’ve been keeping up with Kimye, you know that since neither Kim Kardashian nor Kanye West has publicly spoken out about their reported plans to get a divorce. Honestly, it’s been hard to decipher what exactly the truth is, and well, keep up with the latest news — or rumors. But thanks to a couple of eagle-eyed fans, it looks like the couple isn’t planning on getting back together anytime soon: It appears that West has moved out of the couple’s Calabasas mansion.

According to Cosmopolitan, popular Instagram celebrity gossip fan page @deuxmoix put their detective hat on and was the first to notice that what used to be West’s Yeezy showroom has seemingly been transformed into Kardashian’s new Skims showroom (see photos here). “I have a full Skims showroom in my house now,” one user points out to @deuxmoi. Yikes. Let’s just say, her having a ~new~ room doesn’t exactly sound too promising for West.

The first time fans saw West’s showroom was back in 2019, on the show My Next Guest With David Letterman. Being that the couple’s mansion is notoriously monochrome and is basically a ton of white walls everywhere, it’s hard to look at the two rooms and be able to say without a doubt that Kardashian’s Skims room used to belong to West. However, the exact placement of the clothing rack and how the wall is divided looks, the two rooms look identical.

At the same time, if there was any celebrity couple that had replicated the same room to a T — it’d be Kimye.

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