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Kelly Clarkson’s Soon-to-Be Ex-Husband Brandon Blackstock Doesn’t Think He Owes Her Anything

Kelly Clarkson’s divorce just keeps on getting messier. In June, the Kelly Clarkson Show host shocked her fans when she filed for divorce from Brandon Blackstock, her husband of seven years, and (as it turns out) just one of the Blackstock men who has been profiting as Clarkson’s talent agent these past few years. In September, Brandon’s father Narvel Blackstock sued Clarkson for unpaid management fees to their company Starstruck Entertainment, to which she responded with a petition of her own slamming their original management agreement as “fraudulent” and demanding that all profits the Blackstocks made as her management be returned. Now, soon-to-be ex Brandon is hitting back once again — and it seems like his lawyers have resigned themselves to getting out of this on a technicality.

Per legal documents obtained by Us Weekly, Brandon’s lawyers are dismissing Clarkson’s claim that she’s entitled to the earnings Starstruck made from her success these past ten-plus years, claiming that the California Labor Code violation of which she accuses them didn’t apply to the Nashville-based company. Further, if Clarkson does succeed in her case, Brandon’s lawyers would like it noted that there is a one-year statute of limitations on the law in question, and therefore he would only be held responsible for turning over 12 months worth of earnings.

Clarkson has previously clarified that her original arrangement with Starstruck was made via an informal phone call, and claims that the Blackstocks have charged her exorbitant fees since and were working illegally as her management since they were unlicensed to do so in the state of California. But the Blackstocks are holding firm that their fees and management services were legitimate, and claiming that Clarkson still owes them from her 2020 earnings.

With each side now looking to extract millions from the other, it seems more unclear than ever how this will end — and, how such a hotly contested management agreement could have gone on unremarked for so long.

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