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Lori Loughlin’s Husband Mossimo Giannulli Isn’t Getting Any Special Treatment Behind Bars

Mossimo Gianulli isn’t enjoying a single moment of his time in prison, but that’s not going to change a judge’s mind. Gianulli tried his hardest recently to convince the court that he should serve the rest of his time at home after the first two months of his sentence were spent in solitary confinement due to COVID-19 quarantine procedures. He felt so strongly about being owed an early release from prison that he filed an emergency motion in mid-January to plead his case. But the judge in his case is making sure the fashion designer serves his full sentence — which is only five months to begin with.

The judge has finally ruled on Gianulli’s motion and found that there was no “extraordinary or compelling reason” to allow him to serve the rest of his time at home, per Page Six. Gianulli is already out of solitary confinement and living with the general prison population. And just like his fellow inmates, he’s getting no special treatment during his time behind bars.

That may come as a relief to many who have watched the college admissions scandal unfold, which spotlighted white privilege and the unfair access granted to those with deep pockets. Gianulli and wife Lori Loughlin, along with actress Felicity Huffman, became high-profile symbols of everything wrong with the college admissions system and elite universities — there were different rules for the wealthy.

Loughlin quietly served out her two-month sentence and is already plotting her return to acting, but her husband’s constant whining about prison conditions only makes him look worse. From his mid-January court documents obtained by Page Six, it sounds like he’s missing the comforts of home and not understanding that he’s paying the price for his crime. “He has a stable home environment — to which he will directly and immediately travel upon release — with resources that will allow him to quarantine safely and remain at home for the remainder of his sentence,” wrote Gianulli’s lawyers.

With only three months to go in his already light sentence, we think Gianulli can tough it out.

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