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Are Matt James’ New Women Here to Stay on The Bachelor? Find Out Who Goes Home Tonight

The Bachelor has been around for 25 seasons, but the show is anything but predictable. Just when viewers think they’ve seen it all, the show producers throw in a twist that we didn’t see coming. Now that we are three episodes in and starting to get comfortable with bachelor Matt James, a new group of women is arriving via limo to mix things up, and teasers show our original ladies getting very feisty about the whole situation. So — spoilers ahead — which of these infuriating new women, one of whom is maybe-possibly an escort, is sticking around and who’s going home? Read on for everything that’s been spoiled thus far.

According to Reality Steve, these new women are definitely something for Matt’s group of women to get worried about, as at least one of the women makes it pretty dang far in the game. Let’s take a look at each of the women joining The Bachelor on the Monday, Jan. 25 episode airing at 8 p.m. — and remember, there are spoilers ahead about how far they’ll go.


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Brittany ABC/Craig Sjodin.

Brittany, 23, is a Chicago gal with dreams of New York City. She’s a model who has spent a lot of time in long-term relationships. As a social butterfly, she’s ready to shake up her dating life, but doesn’t love “unnecessary drama.” (Someone better warn her!) Brittany is also the contestant who is about to be accused of being, alternately, a sugar baby or an escort who entertains older men in exchange for money, something her fellow Bachelor contestants treat a little bit too much like a smoking gun for women seeking love on reality TV. But those hoping to see those rumors get her sent home night one will have to wait — according to Reality Steve’s list of who’s gone by the third rose ceremony, Brittany’s not going anywhere at Matt’s next elimination.



Catalina, 29, is a former title holder as Miss Puerto Rico and is well-traveled, having lived in South America, Puerto Rico and New York City. She’s looking for her fairy-tale ending, and that does include a family someday, so a man who doesn’t want kids is a total red flag for her. It looks like that meshes with family man Matt’s plans too, and Catalina stays on at the mansion past this next rose ceremony too.



Kim, 28, took some time off the front lines of fighting COVID-19 as an ICU nurse in Los Angeles, to put her dating life first. She’s used to being in charge, thanks to a successful career, so she doesn’t want a man who will dampen her spirit or the life she’s already worked so hard for. Thankfully, Reality Steve has predicted that this hero is getting a fighting chance at Matt’s heart too, and it looks like she’s safe from the next ceremony.

Michelle Young


Michelle, 27, is quite the role model as a former Division I basketball player and now an elementary school teacher. She loves a good glass of wine and a delicious meal, but she needs a partner who is going to match her adventurous side to help save the world. If all of that sounds like a great match for Matt to you, then Matt would agree with you: according to Reality Steve, Michelle goes all the way to his final 4.


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ABC/Craig Sjodin.

Ryan, 26, has had success as a dancer and choreographer in New York City, so she’s now looking for a man who can help round out her work-life balance. She is big into community service, so he better be up to the task of helping others. Ryan is committed to getting married only once in her lifetime, so she hopes James is her love match. And yep, the final nail in the coffin for Matt’s original group of women: Ryan isn’t going home either.

In other words: tonight a limo full of these five hotties will pull up to the new Bachelor mansion in Nemacolin, Matt’s original women will lose their sh*t, and then he’ll have a rose ceremony where he only sends home women who have been there since Night 1. Do we think Victoria punches someone at that point? Either way, tensions are sure to be running higher than ever by 10 p.m. tonight.

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