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First Lady Jill Biden is Thanking the National Guard & Paying Tribute to Late Son Beau

As Joe Biden begins his presidency, his late son is clearly never far from his mind. The Biden family has continued to pay tribute to Beau during every important moment in their life. From Hunter Biden naming his son after his late brother to Joe Biden placing a photo of Beau in the White House, the memory of their lost son and brother, who died in 2015 after a battle with brain cancer, lives strong. And during Dr. Jill Biden’s first outing as First Lady, she made sure to honor Beau as well. Beau Biden was a former member of the National Guard, and Dr. Biden made an unscheduled visit to personally thank the National Guard troops at the Capitol for protecting everyone during the inauguration.

“I just wanted to come today to say thank you, to all of you for keeping me and my family safe,” Dr. Biden began. “I know that you’ve left your home states.”

She continued, “The Bidens are a National Guard family. Our son Beau was Delaware Army National Guard. He served for a year in Iraq in 2008-2009. So, I’m a National Guard mom and when I saw, you know, the great job that you’ve done over the inauguration, and all that you’ve done, and you’ve left your home states, and you’ve come here to protect us — I just wanted to say thank you, from President Biden and from the whole — the entire Biden family.”

After, Dr. Biden offered all of the troops chocolate chip cookies made by the White House that she carried in a basket. Each cookie bag was decoratively wrapped in blue and red ribbons. “The White House baked you some chocolate chip cookies — I can’t say that I baked them all myself — I wanted to give everybody a cookie as just a small thank-you for your service and your family’s service and all you’ve done for your nation,” she said.

She concluded, “The National Guard will always hold a special place in the heart of all the Bidens, so thank you. Thank you very much.”

Dr. Biden is evidently a proud mom of the work her son Beau did, and it’s clear that honoring her son and the National Guard go hand in hand for all of the Bidens. This is yet another touching example of how this new First Family truly seems to value family — even those who are no longer with them.

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