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Kate Middleton Ditches Her Signature Waves for This Sleek New Royal Hairstyle

New Year, New Kate! Kate Middleton is a royal who is known for her effortlessly flawless glam, and her gorgeous wavy hair is definitely her signature look. The Duchess of Cambridge’s brunette hair is a fan-favorite feature — and, okay, something we might be overly invested in. We’re always looking to see how she will style her locks next and we’d be lying if we said we didn’t have a Pinterest board dedicated to her hair. So of course we took notice when she appeared in a recent video with a decidedly different ‘do than we’ve seen lately. Kate can be seen in a new video shared on The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s Twitter — and yes, the royal looks just as amazing as she always does, but she’s clearly opted for a sleeker hairstyle.

In the Twitter video, Kate is seen thanking health care workers for their dedication and sacrifice amid the pandemic. “Nurses up and down the country are going that extra mile, at a time when patients need it the most,” the caption read. “These acts of courage, strength, and kindness matter so much right now & we owe you a huge thank you for all that you have done & continue to do throughout these difficult times.”

Clearly, the Duchess of Sussex has not let up her responsibilities as a working member of the royal family, and is committed to expressing her gratitude to those on the frontlines (a notion that has even brought her and Prince William significant backlash). “That’s what matters so much now,” Kate said. “These acts of kindness to the patients that you’re looking after, that are in your care, that family members aren’t able to be there. But you are going that extra mile.” Kate’s gratitude is perhaps one that is intrinsically close to her after her own husband had his own experience battling the virus.

While Kate certainly has an important message to share, the Duchess’ new hair is one we can’t help but gush about. Her hair journey has been incredible and has seen many new styles before reaching this point (how could we forget when she debuted an almost blonde hue). TBH we’re huge fans of the look, but then again will we ever not love how chic Kate Middleton always manages to look?!

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