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Salma Hayek Is Meditating in Her New Beach Photos, In Case You Didn’t Notice

Whenever I refer to the “good life” going forward, please know that I am referring to whatever it is Salma Hayek has been doing with her life these past few weeks. Photo after photo of her beachside tropical vacation has emerged, and we’re pretty sure Hayek only packed bikinis, which is how you know it’s the perfect trip. Not only are her days filled with soaking up sun and long walks down the beach, but whoever she’s there with has become a verified pro at capturing Ms. Hayek’s angles. Exhibit A: the latest photos the actress has shared from her trip of herself cross-legged in yet another fabulous bikini. Theoretically, she’s showing us how she meditates. But really, the 54-year-old is flexing another skill altogether: how to find your light so perfectly, even your ocean-wet no make-up pics look touched up.

“We need to keep our cool,” Hayek writes under these gorgeous new photos. It looks like one way that she likes to keep cool is by meditating, which many do find to be very helpful in managing anxiety. But I have to say — all that sun and sand sure looks like it would help keep me cool too.

At the end of the day, maybe meditation is the key to this sun-kissed beauty’s calm demeanor. She’s been ringing in 2021 on her own terms, and I’ll be the first to admit I have a lot to learn from Hayek’s way of doing things. Just one question: exactly how long do I have to meditate to look like that in a bikini too?

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