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Who Threw Out Ben Affleck’s Life-Size Photo of Ana de Armas?

Talk about a silent statement to the press. On Jan. 18, the Daily Mail showed photos of a man leaving Ben Affleck’s home with quite a strange item in his hand: a life-size cutout of his (reportedly) now-ex-girlfriend, Ana De Armas. Why did Affleck have this in the first place? Who knows. Who is the man holding the cutout? Not immediately clear. And what does it mean? Well, we have our theories.

The cut-out of de Armas (see below!) may have been a prank originally played on the actor by his kids, according to People. But the fact that the lovely photo that once decorated Affleck’s lawn is now in the trash… well, we’re thinking it can only be more confirmation that the couple have indeed called it quits. After almost a year of dating, the two have reportedly gone their separate ways. A source shared with People, “Ben is no longer dating Ana. She broke it off.”

While quarantine has made some couples stronger than ever, it seems these two didn’t make it through the storm. Sometimes people’s lives and priorities just don’t line up and that’s okay… but to be honest, we’ll miss their basic couple activities like walking the dogs and just going on strolls together.

Lazy loaded image
A prankster left a cardboard cut out of Ana de Armas outside her then boyfriend Ben Affleck’s home in Los Angeles, June 2020. Photo credit: MEGA MEGA
Seriously though, what we are truly caught up on is the man who’s putting the cut-out image on the curb. Who the heck is he?! People seem to think its Ben’s brother, Casey Affleck. His name actually began trending on Twitter soon after the photos leaked, and fans shared their thoughts on the situation. One wrote, “is that casey affleck throwing her out lmao” and another responded with “First thing I thought!!”

Of course, we may never know if Casey Affleck was indeed the masked man on this mission, nor if the move came at brother Ben’s request. But needless to say, if de Armas kicked the relationship to the curb, at least someone in Affleck’s camp is doing the same. 

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