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Is Ivanka Trump Planning on Running for Marco Rubio’s Senate Seat in Florida?

Ivanka Trump might not be done with Washington, D.C. after Wednesday’s transition of administrations; she might be eyeing a political career of her own. With her upcoming move to Florida’s “Billionaire’s Bunker,” there are many in the Republican Party who are recommending that she run for Senate — and a seat that is already held by senior Republican Senator Marco Rubio.

The move would be quite a remarkable statement about the Trump family’s allegiances toward the senator, which could bring about a lot of negativity, especially since Rubio supported President Donald Trump throughout his four years in office. But Trump family allies are singing Ivanka’s praises and saying she is a force to be reckoned with. “Ivanka only got into politics to help her father and help his agenda but what’s now clear is that Ivanka is a political powerhouse in her own right,” said Trump senior adviser Jason Miller to Politico.

Those close to the Trump administration are saying the clues about Ivanka pursuing a political career were there all along, we just weren’t paying attention. She was a major presence on the campaign trail for her father in 2020, and also started to make her way into Florida events by participating in a drive-thru food distribution in Miami just before Christmas.

Even former Trump adviser Steve Bannon says a run by Ivanka would hold a lot of weight in Florida since she’s “the second most fire-breathing populist in the White House.” He said on the podcast War Room Pandemic, “I strongly believe and would strongly recommend that Ivanka Trump immediately…. if she is not going to remain an assistant to the president, she should immediately file and run for the senate and primary Marco Rubio in Florida.”

Rubio might be getting a bit nervous about the possibility, too. He recently certified President-elect Joe Biden’s win and that drew some ire from the Trump family. “We’re taking the possibility seriously,” a Republican source told Politico about Ivanka possibly running. “And so is Marco. And that’s a good thing. But you never know. She’s a Trump and the Trumps move on their own timetables.”

With the entire family moving their home base to Florida, they would certainly be able to put a lot of muscle behind Ivanka’s campaign — if she wants to run.

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