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Blake Shelton Says Gwen Stefani ‘Won’t Let’ Him See His Friends

With the ongoing pandemic, most of us are doing our part to stop the spread of the virus, The CDC is continuing to advise the public to practice social distancing, so that means we’re currently spending a lot of our time at home without seeing our extended family or friends. For celebrities like Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani quarantine is a bit harder to accomplish as they have to be on the set for work or other business-related projects, but the two are still doing what they can to remain (mostly) at home. In a new episode of Apple Music radio show Party Barn Radio With Luke Bryan, Shelton revealed that Stefani is taking coronavirus precautions seriously — which means he isn’t able to see his friends.

While talking to Bryan, the country singer admitted that he has been dodging his texts in an effort to appease his fiancée. “She’s very strong about this quarantine thing, which is great,” he explains. “She’s the only person I get to see so, that’s it. No buddy hanging out time.”

But it’s what Shelton says next that isn’t sitting right with us. “When you’re a prideful, stubborn guy like myself for me to text you back and say, ‘Man, Gwen won’t let me go.’ That’s tough. It’s embarrassing.” Umm, what?! A grown man such as Shelton should be able to turn down his friends without having to pull the ole “my girlfriend won’t let me hang out with the boys” line — especially during a pandemic.

Having to deal with the hard time your friends give you for turning them down is a low cost to pay if it means keeping yourself safe, and Stefani’s concerns about the virus are completely understandable. Sure, Shelton most likely meant no harm, but his words ultimately highlight a much larger problem.

COVID-19 has brought up an intrinsically unique concept of men feeling as though their masculinity can be stripped away for wanting to protect themselves against a growing deadly virus. Right now, we’re all having to put our pride aside and accept the fact that the coronavirus is bigger than any of us.

Shelton, there’s nothing wrong with admitting to your buddy that you feel more comfortable staying at home right now — and you can do so without having to bring Stefani into it.

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