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Kate Middleton & Prince William Are Facing Major Backlash Over Their Last Royal Visit

If you’ve been keeping up with the Cambridges, you know that Prince William and Kate Middleton recently embarked on their train tour. ICYMI, the two travelled across the United Kingdom visiting frontline workers, and while they certainly meant no harm, it turns out that the Scottish government was not a fan of the Duke and Duchess travelling amid the pandemic. Yep, the government even went as far as sending the royals multiple requests, and pleaded with the two to adhere to their current restrictions — and their royal aides ignored them, inciting some major backlash for the Cambridge duo.

Kate and Prince William’s trip included stops in England, Scotland, and Wales. Truthfully, it’s painfully ironic that their efforts to pay tribute to the inspiring individuals who have supported their communities during COVID-19 meant that the royals ignored Wales and Scotland’s essential travel only rules. Kensington Palace told Bazaar, that the Duke and Duchess actually did adhere to all rules and “was planned in consultation with the U.K., Scottish and Welsh governments,” however the leaked email by The National from the Scottish government suggests otherwise.

Per The National, the royal family ignored two warnings from the principal private secretary to Scotland’s first minister, who shared their worry about the “major impact” Kate and William’s tour might have.

One request from John Somers in November reads, “You’ll know that we are currently asking people living in Scotland to avoid unnecessary travel from local authority to local authority and to keep journeys within the area they live to an absolute minimum.”

“From a personal point of view I think the [train tour] is one which would mean a lot to many people living throughout the country. My anxiety though is the practical aspects of it and how presentationally it may be difficult if travel restrictions are in place,” Somers continued. “I think my view is that at the moment the chances of the tour having to be postponed are potentially quite high.”

A week letter, another politician sent another email.

Scottish politician Deidre Brock gave his two cents to The National too: “People are having to stay in their houses, we can’t meet family or friends, we can’t pay proper respects at funerals, we can’t even hug our loved ones when they’re going through hard times. I would have hoped that the Royal Family would have had enough empathy to respect what people are going through rather than looking for publicity.”

Clearly, the fact that Kate and William’s aides chose to ignore the request particularly stung amongst the locals who have remained at home and have had no choice but to follow the restrictions.

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