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Heidi Klum’s Daughter Leni Shows Off Her Acne in Rare Photo

Heidi Klum is one of the world’s most renowned supermodels, and she’s recently passed the torch to her daughter Leni. The mother-daughter duo recently appeared on the cover of Vogue Germany, marking Leni’s magazine cover debut. While the two looked like twins with their blonde locks and stunning smiles, 16-year-old Leni is proving to resemble her mama in more ways than one: her strong personality. We’ve always loved how unabashedly herself Heidi has been in her career and she’s always kept it real with her fans. Now it’s clear Heidi has reinforced the same values in her teen. On Instagram, Leni shared a raw photo of herself and got candid about having a “bad” skin day — a struggle we can all relate to.

Leni posted picture of herself with no makeup, and it was a close-up shot of her acne-ridden cheek. Leni captioned her post, “my skin on a bad day #nomakeup #nofilter #sowhat.”

She only has a few photos of herself on social media, and we love that this is one snap she wanted to share with her followers. Almost all of us have dealt with acne at one point in our lives, and it’s so heartening to see teens like Leni work to normalize imperfect skin. Clearly, her post had an effect on many Instagram users, and the comments flooded with words of praise and related to their own skincare struggles. One user simply wrote, “Thanks for sharing this ❤️.” Another comment read, “And that’s lady’s and gentlemen is being a human 🤠❤️”

If you’re the parent of a teen with less-than-perfect skin, Leni’s post might resonate even more. We can only imagine how proud Heidi must be that Leni is already so comfortable in her skin; and we hope that messages like this help other teens realize that acne is a completely normal problem.

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