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Sharna Burgess Won’t Confirm Her Relationship Status With Brian Austin Green

Ever since Brian Austin Green and Sharna Burgess were spotted jetting off on vacation together we’ve all pretty much wondered the same thing: are these two officially in a relationship?! It’s been about a month since Megan Fox filed for divorce from Green, and while Fox has already moved on to a new blossoming relationship with Machine Gun Kelly, recent photos of Green and Burgess suggest that he may be doing the same. But if you’re hoping for a confirmation from Burgess any time soon on her relationship status, don’t hold your breath. The Dancing with the Stars pro shut down a question from a fan on her Instagram Story and it doesn’t seem like she’d be changing her mind any time soon.

Per People, after one of Burgess’ followers wrote, “Relationship status?” Burgess responded by kindly asking her followers (and basically everyone else) to stop asking her about her love life.

“Lol. Y’all don’t give up on this one,” Burgess wrote on her Instagram story. “It’s almost impossible to fish out real questions amidst ones about my relationship status. I say this with love and kindness. Let it go.” After this response, we’re going to go ahead and assume that if Burgess isn’t letting up anytime soon, we don’t expect Green to spill the beans on their relationship status, either.

While continuing to answer fan questions, Burgess did end up sharing another cheeky response, according to the outlet. A fan sweetly wrote to Burgess, “I wanted to say I love that you embraced being single so you could fall in love with yourself.” In response, Burgess simply put, “Best thing I ever did.” Before she added, “Well one of them lol.”

OK, the pro dancer practically spoke about being single in past terms, and we’re going to go ahead and assume we’re on the right track about her and Green.

Guess, we’ll just have to wait this one out!

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