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Tiger Woods’ Ex-Mistress Finally Breaks Her Silence 10 Years After Affair 

More than a decade has gone by since Tiger Woods hit the headlines — and shocked the world — with a sordid tale of multiple affairs, a car accident, and his (now former) wife Ellin Nordegren wielding a golf club. It was a tabloid dream, but it turned out to be a nightmare for the athlete, Nordegren, and one particular woman with whom he had a long-term affair: Rachel Uchitel.

With the upcoming two-part HBO documentary Tiger, (part one is airing on Sunday), Uchitel is now telling her side of the story — and she says she feels like it was the right time to open because she’s “spent all these years letting people think what they want to think and say what they want to say.” Uchitel is taking “the shackles off” because she’s been living “under the shame of what’s been going on.”

“I made a mistake, and that’s for me to deal with, right?” she told Extra‘s Billy Bush. “And that’s the shame that I’m going to deal with personally.”

She happy the documentary is coming out because she thinks it does a good job of showing how “the media took the opportunity to blame me for someone else humiliating their wife.” It’s a tale that sounds oddly familiar to what happened to Monica Lewinsky during President Bill Clinton’s administration. The two women have connected behind closed doors to talk about the similarities in their stories, but Uchitel prefers to keep their conversation private.

She also wouldn’t reveal whether she’s spoken to Woods at all over the past decade, only saying, “I can’t answer.” What Uchitel is looking forward to is putting this scandal behind her for good, and she hopes the documentary sheds some light on the misconceptions about who she is as a person.

“The whole thing has made my life a living hell for the last 10 years, and I wanted to tell my story on HBO because I wanted people to see what really happened,” she said. “I was not a mistress, and I was in a real relationship, and I want people to leave me alone about it. I made a bad decision. And I regret it, and I’m embarrassed about it and… my apology is to two people, not the world, two people.”

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