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Kim Kardashian & Kanye West Spent $2 Million on Each Other’s Christmas Gifts This Year

Kim Kardashian set 2021 off to a very shaky start by hiring a divorce lawyer and convincing the internet that she was going to file for divorce from Kanye West any day now. In some ways, the writing had been on the wall, with West making no appearances in Kim’s birthday photos or recent holiday photos and living primarily out of his Wyoming residence while Kim and the kids stayed in California. But other reports that followed indicated that the two had been in counseling for some time now, indicating hope for a reconciliation, and this morning, Kim was spotted wearing her wedding band. The most damning hint, though, that we may have jumped the gun on these split rumors is the new report of what these two gave each other as Christmas presents. Contrary to what we previously thought, West did spend the holidays with Kim — and each of them spent roughly $1 million on Christmas gifts for the other. Now, maybe $2 million worth of Christmas presents is small potatoes in the KKW home, but to us, that doesn’t sound like a gift you’re giving to a cordial co-parent.

So, what did these lavish gifts consist of? On West’s end, he purchased his wife of six years five Mercedes-Maybach SUVs, each retailing around $200k per TMZ. Because the only thing better than one new car is five new cars, right? On Kim’s end, she bought her husband a number of James Turrell art pieces, an artist he greatly admires, coming out to slightly over $1 million.

This couple is definitely known for their extravagant gift-giving, with West surprising Kim on her birthday with an extremely life-like hologram of her late father Robert Kardashian. Maybe these gifts are just a sign of how well-meaning these two will be as future co-parents, or maybe they’re a sign that the romance hasn’t yet died out. Until one of them speaks out, all we have are clues.

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