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Donald Trump Jr.’s Party Photos From New Year’s Eve Could Get Mar-A-Lago Shut Down

Oh, how social media can turn on you. One moment you’re posting about your personal birthday shout-out from Vanilla Ice, and next thing you know, state officials are trying to shut down your dad’s club — or at least that’s the case if your name is Donald Trump Jr., who, among other Trump family members and attendees, did not hold back from sharing footage of the packed, mask-less New Year’s Eve party this year at Mar-A-Lago. Since then, Florida state officials including Representative Omari Hardy have called for Mar-A-Lago to face consequences for flouting Palm Beach County’s mask order, up to and including shutting the club down.

Hardy shared the letter he had written to a Palm Beach county official demanding action be taken on Twitter, writing as a caption: “This is a blatant violation of our mask mandate here in Palm Beach County. So I just asked County staff to take enforcement action, i.e., to fine Mar-a-Lago and potentially even to shut it down. We must have LAW and ORDER!”

In the letter itself, Hardy directs the recipient to footage of the party also shared on Twitter, clearly showing mask-less crowds in attendance, and questions why they did not prepare to hold the event safely.

“There is a mask order in place in Palm Beach County and all individuals need to be in compliance with that law,” Palm Beach County administrator Todd Bonlarron has since replied, per The Washington Post, and some guests like former Congressional candidate George Santos report facing backlash elsewhere for attending the party (and sharing photos of it) as well. Meanwhile, performers who the New York Times exposed has having played at the event, like Taylor Dayne and Berlin, have faced disappointment from their fans online.

“My fiancé & I had to leave our home this evening with our 4 dogs thanks to the @nytimes publishing of my Instagram showing me attending the #MarALago New Year’s Eve party,” Santos wrote on Twitter. “My fiancé a pharmacist who worked 12h/7days shifts for 9 months was fired! The violence against us is real.”

The Trump family’s plans to move to Mar-A-Lago have been riddled with bumps in the road, not least their neighbor’s reported interest in keeping them away. And while Donald himself may not have been there for New Year’s Eve, it’s hard to imagine this party will make them a whole lot more popular, especially if action against the club (and other attendees) continues to go forward.

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