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Amanda Kloots Is Ready to Work Through the Trauma of Losing Husband Nick Cordero

It’s been six months since Amanda Kloots lost her husband, Nick Cordero, after his battle with COVID-19. During the time that Cordero was hospitalized — and as his condition deteriorated — Kloots did her best to remain positive and regularly shared updates of his story on Instagram. Now, she’s sharing an update about her own health — her mental health. Over the weekend, Kloots revealed on her Instagram story that she is “finally ready to go to therapy to address the trauma.” 

Cordero was first admitted in late March to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles for what the couple initially believed was pneumonia. In a matter of weeks, he endured multiple serious complications from the virus, including an infection in his lungs and a leg amputation. On July 5, Kloots announced that Cordero had tragically passed away. Throughout it all, Kloots’ unbelievable strength while she cared for her and Cordero’s son Elvis is one that left an impact on all of her followers.

“New Years has been tough, extremely hard for me. I’ve cried more recently than in awhile,” Kloots wrote on her IG story per CNN. “I thought Christmas would be hard, this was worse.”

She continued to explain that although the holidays typically inspire many to “want a clean slate or to forget about last year, esp 2020,” she isn’t able to forget about how the last year played out in her own life and is unable to “wipe that slate clean.”

“I also think I am slightly scared of what can happen in a year, how much things can change,” Kloots added. “Lastly, I think everything I went through is finally catching up to me and I am finally ready to go to therapy to address the trauma.”

“Being honest, acknowledging all of this instead of hiding it, has helped me,” she wrote. “I hope it helps you.”

Frankly, we’re in awe of the honesty, vulnerability, and openness that Kloots has displayed with her followers, and we’re happy that it’s helping her — and that she’s talking about getting additional help to deal with her grief. It’s so, so heartbreaking — not to mention something that many people who have lost someone due to the coronavirus can relate to — and we’re sending her and Elvis so much love.

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