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Brendan Morais Has No Regrets About Self-Eliminating From Tayshia Adams’ Bachelorette Season

Fans of The Bachelorette witnessed one of those most surprising seasons this year that was full of twists and turns until the end. From Clare Crawley ditching the reality show and running off with contestant Dale Moss to frontrunner Brendan Morais self-eliminating right before he met Tayshia Adams’ family — the season definitely made for a viewing at the edge of our seats. Though Adams ended her time as the bachelorette happily engaged to Zac Clark, Bachelor Nations fans (and Adams) were extremely disappointed to see Morais leave. Now that the finale has aired, Morais is speaking out and explained his feelings on his departure in a new episode of Nick Viall’s podcast, The Viall Files; and he has absolutely no regrets.

“I don’t regret anything,” Morais told Viall, “But I’m still sad about it — absolutely still sad that that’s the way it played out.” During his time on the show, Morais repeatedly cited his past divorce for shaping his outlook on love and life. Most of all, he was committed to being sure of who he chose to walk down the aisle with next. In short, the ~ process~ a slew of Bachelors and Bachelorette alike preach to trust that leads to finding their perfect match just didn’t align with Morais’ timeline. His departure was sealed as he apologized to Adams and told her that although he believed he was ready to commit to a new relationship three years after his divorce, he still wasn’t there yet and needed more time.

“I want the wife and kids and a family more than anything on the face of this earth,” Morais said on The Bachelorette. “But then [I’ve been] coming to the realization that there’s a big part of me that’s still broken, there’s a big part of me that still needs time to heal.” Morais was one of Adams’ “top three” and though she understood and respected his feelings, she was visibly devastated he made the decision to leave.

During his appearance on Viall’s podcast, Morais said, “I feel like if I had more time and I could’ve removed Tayshia from that bubble and really see how our lives meshed together . . .  we could have dated, and potentially more. But when you’re protecting yourself and when you don’t want to get hurt again, you do things that self-sabotage what could be an amazing thing. So I definitely think it could’ve played out differently if a few things had changed.”

Adams is now engaged to Bachelorette winner Zac Clark and has shared on social media that she plans to move to New York from her hometown in LA to be with him. However, should Adams ever find herself on the market again, Morais said he was “100 percent” interested in reigniting their on-screen romance during the podcast.

Ultimately, Morais is happy for Adams and Clark and believes that in the end the Bachelorette probably would have chosen Clark anyway. “But what makes me feel a little bit better about the situation,” Morais said, “is I feel like what was meant to happen happened. . . . Just knowing how in love Zac was with Tayshia and seeing the mutual love they had for each other, I’d say she would’ve chosen Zac anyway.”

He added, “But if I ended that whole journey where it was me and Tayshia and knowing I had even one percent of doubt about the whole thing, I probably couldn’t live with myself knowing that she may have missed out on the opportunity of falling madly in love with this guy who completely loves her in every way. For that, I’m grateful in how it played out, and I feel like it was meant to be.”

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