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Alec Baldwin Has No Time for Trolls Who Mock Wife Hilaria’s Spanish Background

Alec Baldwin probably didn’t expect to spend his Christmas vacation warding off trolls on social media to protect his wife, Hilaria Baldwin. Yet that’s exactly what he’s doing over the sleepy holiday week — hitting back at people who have an opinion about his wife’s portrayal of her background, which is American and not Spanish.

The SNL actor decided to double down on supporting his wife by posting a quote from Mark Twain on his Instagram page. It reads, “A lie can travel half way around the world while the truth is putting on its shoes.”

The internet trolls were having none it, though, and hundreds of people chimed in with their thoughts on the topic. Instagram user @Bmimbaugh wrote, “Like your wife being Spanish when she lived In Massachusetts her entire life. I take it her accent is fake as well ? FRAUDS!”

Alec hit right back with, “Go f**k yourself.” He didn’t get much support from his followers who sided with @Bmimbaugh’s opinion on the topic. @delusion_check wrote back, “always classy. Your children must be proud.”

Alec and Hilaria have confirmed she is “a white girl” and they are standing by her social media explanation that even though she was born in Boston, her family split their time between the U.S. and Spain. In the Baldwin household, she notes on her social media account, “We celebrate both cultures in our home—Alec and I are raising our children bilingual, just as I was raised.”

The couple probably didn’t realize that this controversy was going to linger over the holiday week. She’s trying to move on by posting a breastfeeding photo with her youngest child, Eduardo Pau Lucas, 3 months, but the internet trolls aren’t going to let her forget. The couple may have to lean into the fact that she basically misrepresented her background and needs to own up to it. That might be the only way to silence critics.

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