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Christina Anstead Introduces a New Addition to the Family on Instagram — He’s Adorable!

Christina Anstead added a new member to her family over the holiday season and he’s the cutest little pup. The tiny dog wound up with a name much larger than his size, too — meet Biggie! Anstead introduced her puppy to her followers on Instagram with a really sweet photo.

Anstead is decked out in her New York Yankees baseball cap and looking with adoration at Biggie. He already knows how loved he is and gives a confident mug right at the camera. “Too cute not to share. Meet the newest member of our family – Biggie,” she captioned the picture. “We are all obsessed and in love. 💘”

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Christina Anstead/Instagram.

Biggie won’t be alone because he already has a big brother with the family’s French bulldog, Cash, and Anstead’s kids, daughter Taylor, 10, and son Brayden, 5, with ex-husband Tarek El Moussa, and son Hudson London, 1, with estranged husband Ant Anstead. The dogs were chasing each other through her backyard with Cash taking the lead and showing Biggie who is the boss. She posted the cute video on her Instagram Story and titled it, “Zoomies.” The dogs also have their own Instagram account — @cashandbiggie — so now everyone can follow their adventures together.

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Hudson Anstead Cash and Biggie/Instagram.

Biggie was also gently interacting with the kids. One picture showed the puppy giving Hudson a sweet kiss on the hand. He also didn’t mind when Taylor swooped him up into a big hug for another photo — it looks like Biggie is going to fit right into the busy household.

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Taylor El Moussa Cash and Biggie/Instagram.

The year has brought a lot of changes to the family with Christina and Ant separating, but the duo has been putting the family first as they navigate their new normal. That new normal includes Biggie, who is bringing his good energy into their home to help with a fresh start in 2021.

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