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Salma Hayek Shows Off Her Legendary Curves in a Pink Bikini With a Beachside View

In my dreams, I would have woken up today and seen Salma Hayek post a long explanation of whether or not Alec Baldwin ever asked her out, and how soon after that he first met Hilaria Baldwin. In reality, though, Hayek offered up the next-best thing: a stunning peek inside the tropical paradise where she’s apparently riding out the last few days of 2020, and an up-close view at Hayek’s mythical curves in a hot pink bikini. In a year with so much disappointment, Mrs. Hayek Pinault wasn’t going to let it end without one more thirst trap for the masses, and she certainly delivers.

“Last days of 2020. Never been more grateful for being healthy and in contact with nature,” Hayek wrote under her photos, and from the looks of that nature, we’d be very grateful to be in contact with it too. Behind Hayek, it’s all white sand and blue seas, a lone hammock strung between a handful of tall palm trees, and zero other people (unlike a certain 2020 Kardashian beach vacation).

Wearing a straw hat and a pink cover-up, Hayek oozes confidence, and it’s not hard to see why. Her bathing suit fits like it was designed for her and her alone, and Hayek is barely even striking a pose, just letting the moment speak for itself.

Is this the body that first set Alec Baldwin’s heart aflame, and launched the Spanish-ification of one Hillary Hayward-Thomas? Only Salma Hayek knows. That’s why her boobs are so big — they’re full of secrets.

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