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Ivanka Trump May Finally Address Her Long-Rumored Melania Trump Feud in a White House Memoir

Melania and Donald Trump aren’t the only ones making plans for their post-White House days. Ivanka Trump, already the author of books The Trump Card and Women Who Work, has reportedly been approached to write a third book about her time in the White House detailing the nature of her role, her relationship to her father the President, and a number of other issues on which Americans have long been hoping to gain further clarity. Several sources confirm that Ivanka has been approached to write this book, and one source tells Page Six that Ivanka is eager to finally have her voice heard on topics where she’s previously been silent — including her long-rumored feud with stepmother Melania Trump.

Along with reported plans to move to Miami with husband Jared Kushner and their children, Ivanka is reportedly looking forward to her next career steps, and may see clarifying her role in the West Wing as a platform from which to proceed.

“She has been keeping extensive notes on her time in the White House,” the source tells Page Six. “Ivanka has been known to correct friends who mistakenly thought she worked only in the East Wing. She wants to set the record straight on a long list of issues, including confronting her critics head-on.”

Among the issues Ivanka wants to address, the source includes “the constant rumors she was being marginalized by her dad” and “the supposed tension with [stepmother] Melania” — as well as “the very important things she got done with women’s issues, family leave and more.”

Neither Melania nor Ivanka have publicly addressed the tension that many have read into their public interactions, with a 2020 tell-all book by Melania’s former aide Stephanie Winston Wolkoff adding further fuel to the fire with recorded conversations of the First Lady complaining about her stepdaughter. The public has often speculated that Ivanka is shown greater favor by President Donald than wife Melania, and that their tension stems from Ivanka’s desire to minimize Melania’s both in the family and in the administration.

A second source close to Ivanka, however, says the book is not yet a done deal.

“Yes, she has been approached regarding a book. It’s one of the number of options available to her, but it’s nowhere near top of mind or imminent,” the source claimed. “Certainly no outlines or proposals. She’s hyper-focused on her family, and the work she’s doing at the White House.”

SheKnows has reached out to Ivanka Trump’s representative for comment.

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