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Amy Schumer Called Out This Video of Hilaria Baldwin’s Spanish Accent Amid New Drama

Until a few days ago, I didn’t know much more about Hilaria Baldwin than that she was Alec Baldwin’s wife, the mom of his five kids, and really good at getting back in shape postpartum. Today, I know a small novella worth of information about Hilaria, née Hillary Hayward-Thomas, courtesy of a viral Twitter thread compiling videos of Hilaria’s Spanish accent over the years alongside evidence that she, her parents, and her grandparents (on both sides) have no Spanish heritage to speak of. Since that thread, Hilaria has responded defending herself in a series of videos in which she admits she was born in Boston and contends she’s never represented herself as otherwise (though her agency’s website still lists her birthplace as Mallorca, Spain). Alec has also responded with harsh words for the writer of the original Twitter thread, decrying the ability of social media to spread “venom and hate.” But the unexpected reaction that caught and held our attention was a photo from Amy Schumer calling out one video in particular, in which Hilaria asks what the English word is for “cucumber.”

Schumer had been caught up in an internet drama of her own with Hilaria when the news of this potential scandal started to circle Twitter — and the comedian couldn’t help herself from weighing in. Under a pic of herself in a breezy green dress, giant sunhat, and sunglasses, Schumer wrote: “I get it. I went to Spain a couple times and loved it too.”

Schumer also added the cucumber emoji, which points to a particularly baffling video of Boston-born Hilaria asking what the English word is for “cucumber.”

While it might seem odd for Schumer to get involved (and Schumer herself may feel that way, having since deleted her post), these two have actually been going back and forth all week on social media, starting with Schumer reposting a postpartum pic of Hilaria’s and pretending it was hers. The joke went wrong when trolls flooded the post suggesting imagery like this was unhealthy and Hilaria responded in a video defending her right to show off her body; in response, Schumer deleted the original post and replaced it with a Baldwin family pic she pretended was her own instead.

Hilaria’s official explanation is that she grew up both in the US and Spain, traveling between the two countries throughout her childhood. She clearly has a great fondness for Spanish culture, having named her children Leonardo, Carmen, Eduardo, Romeo, and Rafael, and having spoken at length about her desire to raise them as bilingual, speaking English and Spanish alike. She says Hilaria was her name in Spain, and she eventually changed it legally for logistical reasons.

With Alec stepping to his wife’s defense, we’re curious if Schumer took her response down to preserve good relations with the family, or whether she’s genuinely reconsidering her remark. As far as the internet is concerned, though, her joke hit all the right notes.

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