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Poll Dancing Voting PSA Goes Prudish for Georgia Runoff, After Backlash

This year, we witnessed what seemed like a never-ending presidential election unfold. But for those of you who thought the 2020 election was finally over, brace yourselves, because the upcoming Senate runoff election in Georgia is about to take place and the results determine how Joe Biden’s presidency will play out. Thankfully, many people are working tirelessly to get the message out on the importance of voting. Of the lot is a team of female dancers whose get-out-the-vote ad went viral amid the election in November, but now they’re focusing on securing the seats for the Democratic nominees in the Senate.

The Atlanta strippers first made headlines for their bold advertisement titled “Get Your Booty to the Polls” that caught the attention of many, which was ultimately what it intended to do. The viral video was met with many different reactions with some people who adamantly criticized the content and were not happy with the NSFW clip.  Now, the women of the “Get Your Booty to the Poll” PSA are asking voters to come together once more.

With early voting continuing this week for the two Senate runoffs that will determine Senate majority control the women are aware their work is far from over. Yep, the ladies are back, but this time they have a different approach as they campaign for the January 5th election. Their new PSA features the same women fully clothed with the same message “vote.”

One of the women in the video, Coy Malone, appeared on a new episode of VICE TV’s Cari and Jemele (Won’t) Stick To Sports and spoke to the hosts about the reaction to their first video.

“We’ve gotten mixed responses. We got a very great reception with people that appreciated our efforts in making a PSA that address people who usually aren’t marketed towards when it comes to politics, voting, and being informed about what it is to vote and what happens when you don’t vote,” Malone told the hosts.

“So, Georgia is really surprising me. The citizens of Georgia are surprising me. They’re showing up and they’re voting on the issues, they’re voting on the senators. And they got their booties to the poll in a way you can’t deny it. We were a part of that movement”

For the first time since 1992, Georgia turned blue and backed President-elect Joe Biden and Vice President-Elect Kamala Harris. The record turnout success was attributed to a widespread effort — including politician Stacey Abrams who worked tirelessly to register thousands of new voters.

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