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Rare Photo of Meghan Markle at a High School Dance Surfaces — And It’s a Far Cry From Her Royal Life Now

OK, we’re not ashamed to admit that we have a bit of a royal obsession with Meghan Markle. She’s the embodiment of class, beauty, and strength. However, long before she fell in love with Prince Harry and forever made her mark on the royal family, she was a regular gal who grew up in Los Angeles. At times, it’s hard to fully grasp how much the Duchess of Sussex’s life has taken a completely different direction. But now, thanks to a fan account on Instagram, a new photo of Markle has surfaced, and TBH it’s one of the best photos we’ve seen on the Internet to date. We’ve always known the Duchess of Sussex has always been beautiful but this photo proves it.

Instagrammer @90sanxiety shared the rare throwback photo on their page, writing, “Meghan Markle poses with her first boyfriend, Luis Segura, at a high school Christmas dance in Los Angeles, December 1997.” And OMG — does Markle ever age?! You could have told us that this photo was taken yesterday and we would have believed you, no questions asked. Well, almost.

The only indicator that this photo is dated is the fact that our girl has her hands on a man that is clearly not her beloved Prince Harry. Besides that Markle is stunning in her high-slit sparkly black dress. And her tied hair and choker screams the ’90s in a way that is still so chic today.

A few eagle-eyed fans pointed out in the comments that Markle’s date looks a lot like her former Suits co-star Rick Hoffman, who played Louis Litt on screen, and TBH we kind of see the resemblance. One comment read, “What!???? Is he Louis Litt????”

Whether you see the resemblance between Markle’s date and her fellow actor or not, there’s no denying that Markle is still as gorgeous as she has ever been. Can we just say we secretly hope that Markle kept her dress and will one day let it see the light of day again? Now that would break the internet.

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Meghan Markle, Prince Harry

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