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Tiger Woods’ Son Charlie Has a Golf Swing Just Like Dad’s in These Rare New Photos

Tiger Woods may have brought the Woods name to prominence in pro golf, but if his son Charlie Axel Woods is any indication, there’ll be a new generation coming for his crown soon enough. In this year’s PNC Championship, where professional golfers hit the course with a family member, Tiger and Charlie showed off their game (and their matching golf swings!) at the Ritz-Carlton Gold Club Grande Lakes, and let’s just say that 11-year-old Charlie was definitely getting some attention.

For those who might think that this (see full video here) is Charlie’s first foray out onto the field, rest assured: “He’s been playing junior golf tournaments and he’s been out in front and having people video him. This is a different world we live in now; everyone has a phone,” dad Tiger said at the event. “It’s so much fun for me to see him enjoying this, enjoying the game.”

It’s quite a lot of fun for us too! For an 11-year-old, there’s no denying Charlie has an impressive handle on mimicking his dad’s swing — and teaching pro Mike Thomas says we’re just seeing the tip of the iceberg.

“Most 11-year-olds just want to hit one shot; he’s got a lot of shots in his arsenal,” says Thomas. “It’s going to be interesting to see what happens with him because he’s got a ton of talent. What’s cool is he looks like he’s enjoying the game. He doesn’t get all worked up over a bad shot.”

It looks like young Charlie will have a clear path forward if pro golf is what he wants — or at any rate, a lifetime of golf on the weekends to look forward to.

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