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Halle Berry Revealed This Surprisingly Strict Dating Dealbreaker

If you want to be Halle Berry’s lover, we strongly recommend you do not get with her friends. On a new episode of her Instagram Live show “Bad and Booshy,” in which Berry and BFF Lindsay Flores take fan questions about their relationship and give candid replies, the topic veered into who you would and wouldn’t date — when it comes to your friend’s exes, that is. Facing the friendship question “would you ever date your friend’s ex-boyfriend or ex-husband,” Berry surprised us by making it clear this would be the easiest question she answered all day: no way, wouldn’t touch ’em with a ten-foot pole. And that goes for any kind of ex, period.

Here’s exactly how Berry comes out of the gate answering that question: “Never. Never.”

When Flores teasingly interjects that maybe she would, Berry is firm: “No I f**king wouldn’t. No, the answer is no.”

After telling a hilarious story about how she pranked Flores about her ex a few years back, Berry got more into detail on why considering a friend’s ex is such a no-no for her.

“That’s a cardinal sin like you don’t date your bestie’s exes,” she explained. “If I know you, I’m not dating your past nothing because that’s just not cool.”

“What if that person is your soulmate?” Flores asks.

“My soulmate is not in the form of anybody I know’s exes,” Berry shot back with confidence.

And here’s the real kicker — when the follow-up question asked what if this “ex” was only a two-time date, Berry didn’t feel any less adamant, and we have to say that her reasoning here won us over.

“If my friend’s only been out with them twice, he’s not on my list,” Berry affirmed. “That’s how I feel. I’m that kind of girl. There’s too many of them in the world for me to choose from someone you once thought about.”

And that’s that! We hope Van Hunt was listening — and that he’s never so much as gotten coffee with a friend of hers.

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