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Trump’s Neighbors at Mar-a-Lago Don’t Want Him There Either

Donald Trump has yet to accept the results from the 2020 presidential election, but he and wife Melania Trump have already begun to plan for life away from the White House in January. Although it seems as though Melania might have plans of her own, the Trumps have reportedly expressed interest in relocating to Mar-a-Lago, the president’s private club in Palm Beach, Florida. However, the couple’s move might be foiled before they even get there thanks to their new neighbors — and it’s his own fault. According to The Washington Post, Donald Trump’s neighbors in Mar-a-Lago sent a letter to the town of Palm Beach and the Secret Service on Tuesday demanding Trump be notified that he cannot reside at the town because of a deal in 1993 he made that signed away his right to do so.

Per the outlet, Trump’s 1993 deal was made at the time he converted the estate into the private resort he has been spotted at many times over the last four years. His rationale for the transformation was due to the soaring cost of maintaining the estate; Palm Beach approved Trump’s plans for a private resort under the agreement that no club member could spend more than 21 days a year in the club’s guest suites. And in addition to the restrictions, Trump’s attorney promised the town council that Trump would never live at Mar-a-Lago.

However, Trump’s deal isn’t all that may prevent him from residing at Mar-a-Lago. According to the Post, when the agreement was made Palm Beach’s town leaders were hesitant to strike any deal with Trump, as he had previously sued them after they blocked his efforts to subdivide the property into multiple housing lots. Trump’s 1993 deal came alongside his deeded development rights for Mar-a-Lago to the nonprofit National Trust for Historic Preservation, which works to save historic sites around the country. In his signed deeded document, Trump pledged to “forever” sign away his rights to develop Mar-a-Lago or to use it for “any purpose other than club use.”

The well-researched neighbors’ letter is committed to questioning the legality of Trump’s plan, and they aren’t backing down anytime soon. One Palm Beach homeowner, Glenn Zeitz, told the publication, “There’s absolutely no legal theory under which he can use that property as both a residence and a club. Basically he’s playing a dead hand. He’s not going to intimidate or bluff people because we’re going to be there.”

The demand letter, obtained by The Washington Post, suggests that Trump should “avoid an embarrassing situation” of moving to Mar-a-Lago only to subsequently be thrown out on the town’s orders.

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