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Gwen Stefani Feels Proud Watching Her Parents Spend Time With Fiancé Blake Shelton

In the five years Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton have been together, there’s been no question that they are madly in love with each other. We practically get a toothache from hearing how sweet they are when they talk about each other — and it’s the cutest thing after knowing how hard divorce had been on them both in the past.

Now, Stefani is opening up even more about why their love runs so deep. Shelton, she explained to Apple Music, is true to the core of who he is as a person and is always authentically himself. She says the root of their relationship revolves around the fact that Blake is her “best friend” in addition to being her fiancé. “We tell each other everything,” she shared on Apple Music’s At Home With. “I don’t want to do anything without him. He’s my homie. And he’s just a very generous, generous guy. He’s full of love and generosity.”

That love extends to time spent with her parents, Dennis and Patti Stefani, because apparently they, too, have been lucky enough to witness Shelton’s charms. Stefani feels that they get to experience the real Shelton that she sees behind closed doors — and it’s actually the same guy we see on The Voice. 

“He’s just always been the same,” she said. “He’s the same guy no matter where he goes, you know what I’m saying? And there’s something just so cool about that because you feel so proud, because you know that when I have my favorite moments with him…When my dad and mom come over, they get to see that or you get to see that.”

We imagine it’s also a relief to everyone that Shelton has a healthy relationship with his future in-laws. And we can’t help but hear Stefani leaning into the soulmate love she has for him — and maybe compare it to her marriage to Gavin Rossdale. She told People in 2016 that her first marriage was “extra hard” and the one thing she wanted was the same “marital success” her parents had after celebrating their 50th anniversary together.

No wonder Stefani is happy to share her new life with Shelton (not to mention her sons from her first marriage, Kingston, 14, Zuma, 12, and Apollo, 6) with her parents, who have been her relationship role models. Who can blame her for being “proud” to show off her personal life to her mom and dad — and to celebrate love with Blake?

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