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Ayesha Curry Got a ‘Beyoncé Box’ & She Reacts Exactly the Way We Would

Ayesha Curry doesn’t have to wait to find out what’s under her Christmas tree this year, because no matter what her husband Steph Curry gets her, he can’t top Beyoncé. In one of the cutest Instagram posts we’ve ever seen, Ayesha shared her excitement about receiving one of those coveted Beyoncé gifts. Even more hilarious is what she called the unexpected surprise: a “BEYONCE BOX!”

The video shows Ayesha sprawled out on the floor with her kids and dog as she opens the beautiful Beyoncé box — and exclaims with absolute delight as the contents are revealed. “It’s a Beyoncé!!!!” she screams. I mean, truly, her giddiness is absolutely adorable. Once she saw what was inside, she exclaimed, “It’s the black stuff, I wanted the black!” Honestly, we hope Beyoncé witnesses this excitement around her Drip 2: Black Pack from Adidas x Ivy Park.

Ayesha wasn’t the only one thrilled by the box, either: As she flipped through the Adidas x Ivy Park catalog that was included in the box, her daughter Riley Elizabeth, 8, grabbed it out of her hands and insisted, “I’m going to keep this.” And as Ayesha pulled out piece after piece, her youngest daughter Ryan Carson, 5, — who obviously is a Queen Bey fan — chimed in, “Mommy, I love it.”

“You love it? I love it, too, girl,” laughs Ayesha.

Getting a package from Beyoncé’s line has become a rite of passage in Hollywood — that’s how you know you’ve made it and you’re on B’s radar. The celebs have all been sharing their packages on Instagram over the last few months — and A-listers like Kerry Washington get a wardrobe rack filled with goodies.

Beyoncé talked about the importance of fashion — even in a pandemic year when yoga pants and slippers are the norm. She shared with British Vogue that “fashion was a place of escape” during quarantine and that her entire family instituted “Fashion Fridays” to add a little fun to their weekly routine.

“Every Friday, we would dress up in my clothes or make clothes together and take each other’s pictures,” she explained. “It became a ritual for us and an opportunity to handle this crazy year together.”

Now Beyoncé is delivering that fashion straight into the arms of celebrities, who are just as excited as little kids on Christmas morning to get that super-elite present.


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