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Kurt Russell & Goldie Hawn Reveal the One Thing Their 37-Year Relationship Is Missing

Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn are not only one of Hollywood’s longest-lasting couples, but they’re also one of the cutest duos to ever walk the red carpet. With a love that has endured for 37 years, and includes a blended family of four kids — Russell’s son Boston from his first marriage to Season Hubley, Hawn’s kids, Kate Hudson and Oliver Hudson, from her first marriage to Bill Hudson, plus their son Wyatt Russell — it’s the makings of a Hollywood fairytale.

Yet even with their strong bond of love, Russell and Hawn aren’t interested in taking that one final step in their relationship — marriage. They’ve been quite frank about the fact that a walk down the aisle isn’t going to make or break their union. “For people like us, the marriage certificate wasn’t going to create anything that otherwise we wouldn’t have,” Russell explains to People about his answer for critics who question their aversion to marriage.

And if you think the couple will change their minds as they get older, think again — it ain’t happening. Russell says, “I don’t know. 40 years isn’t enough to finally say, ‘Well, I guess…’ “

But don’t read anything into their reluctance to marry; it’s simply what works for them — and it’s not like they haven’t tried marriage before. Both of them had a failed marriage under their belt when they first met in 1983 on the set of the movie Swing Shift.  It was Hawn who had Russell at “hello” — he was immediately lovestruck. He admits he was “impressed with Goldie visually” but it was her heart that won him over.

Hawn believes their strength comes from the simple idea that it’s about “the people and the relationship” and they’ve always focused on “the will to stay together.” Her advice to other couples is to learn the art of comprising because at times, yes, you’ll need to give things up, but it will be worth it in the end, because “touching the toes of somebody at night” is the spark that brings “the joy and the excitement of being together.”

They’ve also endured intrusive questions over the years about the state of their relationship — probably because the lack of a marriage certificate confounds some people. Ultimately, it’s their decision whether or not to ever become Mr. and Mrs. Russell, but it seems that their love story is being written just the way they want.

“It’s not about the marriage,” says Hawn.

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