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Ivanka Trump Bought $30M of Land in Miami to Build a New Family Home

Donald Trump’s presidency is coming to a close, and members of his administration and family (two categories with a fair amount of overlap) are scrambling to make their next move. Wife Melania Trump has recently been investigating schools in the Miami area for son Barron Trump, suggesting that Donald and his family plan to make Florida their primary residence after leaving the White House, as opposed to their former home of New York City, though they’ll still maintain property there. And now, the news that Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner have purchased a $30 million lot on elite, gated Indian Creek Island in Miami suggests that his daughter may also be relocating from her former NYC home.

The truth is, Ivanka has plenty of reasons not to expect a warm welcome in NYC after her father’s four years as president — and her full-throated support of his policies as his advisor throughout. Prior to 2016, many had found Ivanka to be something of an antidote to her father’s cruder ways, and expected her to be a voice of reason that would temper his worst impulses. But as Donald’s human rights violations and baseless attacks grew more obscene, disappointment with Ivanka soon followed — then, solemn swears that she would never re-enter the NYC society she had left.

So, is it any wonder that she might be heading for warmer Florida waters, with Trump voters aplenty and — in this particular neighborhood — enough security to ward off anyone who might wish her harm? With a small area of only 29 residences, there are a whopping 13 police officers dedicated to keeping it safe, Page Six reports, in all likelihood due to the neighborhood’s nickname of “Billionaire’s Bunker” for all the high net worth individuals who live there.

To be fair to this extravagant piece of beachfront land, it isn’t necessarily a security concern that drove Ivanka and Jared to make this buy. The new lot, listed at $31.8 million and bringing in $472, 764 in taxes each year, boasts 1.84 acres of property and 200 feet of private waterfront, on which they reportedly intend to build an estate.

According to one source familiar with their plans, buying this property in Miami does not mean that they’ll be giving up their NYC home.

“The Kushners have been looking to purchase property in Florida for quite some time, and will also maintain their home in New York,” the source told Page Six.

How much time Ivanka will end up spending in New York and who with, however, remains to be seen. SheKnows has reached out to Ivanka Trump’s representative for comment and will update this story as we hear back.

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