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This Newly Discovered Clip of Princess Diana & Toddler William Is Royally Adorable

Princess Diana became a beloved figure across the world for her humanitarian interests and personal lens through which to view entrée into the British royal family — but to no one was she more beloved than young sons Prince William and Prince Harry, who lost their doting mother far too soon. William was only 15 years old when his mother died in a fatal car crash, but photo and video evidence of his close bond with Di pulls at our heartstrings anew each time we see it, a reminder that Diana was happiest at her boys’ side and a glimpse of a moment in the princes’ lives before their childhood became the stuff of national tragedy. Now, a newly discovered clip of the toddler Prince William getting into Diana’s makeup at a photoshoot is the latest to hold us captive with this peek at their mother-son bond.

The clip is from October 1984, Tatler confirms, and it’s quickly made the rounds on the Diana-loving internet (see the clip here). Diana is posing for a photoshoot, and 3-year-old William has taken up the important work of making sure the Princess’ makeup is in tip-top shape — which naturally means carefully patting sheer powder onto her cheeks, nose, and eyes.

While Diana and William’s interaction is especially adorable, the full behind-the-scenes video of the day provides even more glimpses at young William and his even younger brother Harry as the Prince and Princess of Wales did their level best to get a family photo. Watching the four of them gleefully zipping around the drawing room, the decade that comes next is hard to imagine. But these bright moments in Harry and William’s childhoods are a fine indication of how they’ve come to be the warm and wonderful fathers that they are to their own children, even if their own idyllic family life was interrupted too soon.

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