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Christina Anstead’s Son Brayden El Moussa Looks Just Like His Dad

We have a running theory that in Hollywood, the genes are much stronger than the ones us average folks have. We’ve seen so many of our favorite celebrity mamas give birth to their doppelgängers and multiple father-son duos that look more like siblings than not (Example: John Legend and his son Miles). The best place to catch these fun lookalike photos is, of course, Instagram. Too many times we’ve scrolled through our social feed only to have to take a second look at the selfies the famous celebs share with their children. The latest catch? Christina Anstead and her son Brayden  — except it’s not his mother that he’s grown to look like, but his father: Tarek El Moussa. Looks like Tarek “flipped” his son’s looks (sorry not sorry).

Sharing an adorable picture with her son, Anstead wrote, “This boy – so happy and full of life. He makes me a better mom just being in his presence. ♥️”

Now there are a few things we noticed immediately that are working to prove our theory, most notably? That hair! I mean, it looks as if Tarek chopped off his famous style and glued it to his son’s head, though we think it’s safe to say that’s not the case. Brayden also has the same charismatic smile as his papa.

The comment section is filled with comparisons between Brayden and Tarek. Funnily enough, who Brayden looks like more (mom or dad) was the main discussion between fans. Ultimately, we saw more people who agreed with us and said that Brayden is the spitting image of Tarek. One comment read, “He is Tarek’s blonde mini-me.” While another wrote, “He got his dad hairstyle now. 😊”

Although Tarek and Christina ended their marriage in 2016, after seven years of marriage, the two have remained friends and business partners to this day. The parents share their two kids: Taylor Reese and Brayden James.

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