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It Kind Of Looks Like Kim Kardashian Let North West Decorate For Christmas This Year

If it’s not broke, don’t fix it, right? At least that’s what it seems Kim Kardashian West’s mentality is surrounding her Christmas decorations this year, which have also been used for the third year in a row (But hey, we’re all for recycling). The Keeping Up With The Kardashians star has yet again put up her, uh…. let’s just say confusing decor which she compares to Dr. Seuss’ Whoville, except instead of the beautiful mix of festive green and red lights, Kim set out for a minimalist white-only look. In addition to her monochrome holiday decor, Kim showed her family’s sneakily hidden Elves on the Shelf on her Instagram story. TBH, it looks like Kim let North West take the steering wheel on this year’s decorations, and let’s just say — people have a lot of thoughts about Kim’s holiday style. Take a peek at the “Whoville” look below.

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Instagram/Kim Kardashian West

“Look how pretty you guys,” Kardashian said of her tree on her IG story. Kardashian West’s Christmas tree is just about the only semi-colorful item in her house, and that’s thanks to the twinkle lights and Elf on the Shelf the West family has up. With literally no ornaments, the white frosted tree doesn’t do much to set it apart from the unconventional all-white color scheme.

“Look who I see hiding in our tree,” Kim teased on her story as she zooms in on the doll.

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Instagram/Kim Kardashian West

As Kim takes her followers through her house and away from the tree, viewers see that Kim has lined her house corridors from floor-to-ceiling in multiple white (and different shaped) figurines.

“If you didn’t think I’d bring back Whoville in the house…” the Skims founder continued. Though we think the monochromatic abstract design of her house looks more like a work of art, we wouldn’t exactly peg the look as being the epitome of the Christmas vibes we all know and love. Clearly, Kim has a completely different way of getting in the holiday spirit than most people.

Nevertheless, Kardashian-West seemed very pleased with her decor this year before embarking on a hide-and-seek game with her daughter Chicago and son Saint West, who hid in the Whoville decor.

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Instagram/Kim Kardashian West

Of course, the Internet was quick to form their own opinions on the Kardashian mogul’s Christmas decor. One user joked, “Kim Kardashian reveals the “Christmas” decorations in her mansion, which I think are giant tampons.” Which is an image we didn’t think we’d ever picture alongside the holidays.

In the comments on user hilariously compared the look to another viral Christmas decor gone wrong — Melania Trump’s Handmaid’s Tale 2017 decorations.

“It’s a shame Kanye didn’t win the White House. Kim could’ve given Melania competition for the worst WH Christmas decorations, ” the tweet read. Yikes. But our favorite tweet hit a little too close to home in 2020.

The tweet read, “Kim Kardashian’s Christmas decorations are very 2020, deck the halls with toilet paper.” Our toliet paper quests were undeniably a low point in our lives, and yet, the tweet is just too funny to not sit back and laugh about it.

Here’s to the holidays (and the can’t-come-soon-enough New Year)!

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