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Jennifer Lopez Looks So Different in This Rare Makeup-Free Look

Jennifer Lopez has always looked as if she drank straight out of the fountain of youth. It’s no surprise, then, that Lopez’s makeup-free look is equally as stunning as her iconic glammed-up selfies. In a new Instagram post, Lopez shared a video that takes her followers on the journey of her new beauty line, JLO Beauty. And needless to say, Lopez is serving face and has everyone talking about how gorgeous the In The Morning singer looks. And if these products are Lopez’s secret to her naturally smooth and glowy skin, you can sign us up for all of the products now.

Sharing the video, Lopez wrote, “This moment is a dream come true for me. I am so excited to finally share my #JLOBEAUTY products with all of you. ✨ Each one plays a key role in how I keep my skin feeling and looking youthful. Head over to @JLOBEAUTY for the full lineup! 🎉”

At the start of the video, viewers see Lopez in a face mask and her skin looks so flawless, it almost seems like a filter. She explains that for years, people have asked her what she does for her skin, and JLO Beauty is her way of finally answering. Clearly, beauty truly has no expiration date as the 51-year-old looks absolutely gorgeous.

“As women, people are so ready to write us off once we’re past 25 or 35, and I just kept waiting for that to happen. And then I realized, no I’m not going to let that happen,” Lopez says in the Instagram clip.

Jersey Shore star Snookie wrote in the comments, “Now we can all look like you 😩🙏🏽” Which pretty much sums up our feeling about J. Lo’s beauty line. It should be noted, as people in the comments were quick to write, the Hustlers actress does have a multitude of ways that she keeps her skin looking youthful (including access to professional skin treatments), though contrary to common belief, Lopez has never had botox.

“One of my biggest affirmations is I am useful and timeless at every age,” Lopez said at the end of the video.

We’re so here for this affirmation and we can’t wait to get our hands on her new line.

JLo Beauty may not be out before the holidays, but our top foolproof holiday gifts will be:

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