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Sasha Obama Stuns in a Rare New TikTok That Shows Off Her Dance Moves

Every time we get a glimpse at the now-19-year-old Sasha Obama (and it’s rare, y’all), our hearts can’t help but swell with happiness for how she’s thriving. It’s all we ever wanted for both her and older sister Malia Obama as we watched them grow up in the White House, a highly public experience that can be challenging for anyone to go through, let alone a child. But this latest peek at Sasha’s world via another rare TikTok video proves the former first daughter certainly isn’t lacking for confidence — and um, nor should she be. The University of Michigan student is stunning (like, seriously glowing) in this new video, and her dance moves, long acrylic nails, and contagious grin will be living rent-free in our minds for quite some time.

In the video, Sasha’s dancing with who we imagine are college friends, though we know she’s been home with family and taking virtual classes during the COVID-19 pandemic. Maybe this video, in which they’re dancing to “Adderall (Corvette Corvette),” by Popp Hunna.

Our last peek at Sasha was also via a TikTok that quickly went viral. In the previous video, she had been rapping along to a City Girls verse, and while there was plenty of praise, there were also haters trying to shame her for her taste in music, appearance, or assumptions about her social calendar.

This time around, Twitter is being vigilant and trying to protect Sasha from any more negativity coming her way. This TikTok is a joyful place — let’s keep it that way.

Before you go, click here to see photos of Sasha and Malia Obama growing up before our eyes.
Malia and Sasha Obama

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