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Heather Rae Young & Tarek El Moussa Reveal New Wedding Details That Are Anything But Traditional

Forget the bridesmaids and ditch the groomsmen! Heather Rae Young and Tarek El Moussa are throwing out a few wedding traditions by doing things their way. And while the wedding itself won’t exactly be small, they are keeping their bridal party tight. 

Heather revealed to Life & Style that it’s going to be a family affair when it comes to the ring bearer and flower girl. El Moussa’s children — daughter Taylor, 10, and son Brayden, 5, from his first marriage to Christina Anstead — will take on those official wedding duties for the couple. Taylor even has an elevated title as “head flower girl” and “bridesmaid” for Young, while Brayden “will be standing up there with Tarek.” Young’s sister, meanwhile, will be her Maid of Honor and El Moussa’s best friend, Ronnie, will serve as Best Man. 

The couple has created a tight unit with their blended family, and Young has stepped up into the stepmother role in an organic way. In fact, El Moussa previously revealed that he’s proud of the way his kids and Young handled the merging of their lives together. “To be honest, Heather is Stepmom,” he told SheKnows. “She runs the household. She helps take care of the kids. She’s part of the family.” 

Now that wedding plans are moving forward swiftly, Young is also teasing the wedding date — revealing that it will be later instead of sooner due to the ongoing pandemic. (Not surprisingly, they hope to enjoy “a non-COVID wedding.”) And the hardest part so far? Trimming down the guest list.

“We’re working on the guest list right now,” Young told Life & Style. “We’re keeping it relatively small, about 120-130 people. “We’ve been procrastinating a bit because we know we’ll have to chop people off our list so we’re putting it off.”

One thing the couple has already confirmed is that there will be “no exes at the wedding” — they want to keep their celebration “small, less distractions, more intimate, better conversations with the people around us,” El Moussa told Entertainment Tonight. 

And as for those lucky guests who make the cut? Well, they’d better be prepared to travel, as both Young and El Moussa have teased that their location is not in the United States. 

“We’ve decided to not do it in America, but I’d rather not say exactly where we’re having it yet,” Young told Life & Style. While she didn’t go into more detail, it might be a safe bet to guess that Cabo is on the list, because they’ve hinted that it was an original wedding option for them pre-COVID. 

Perhaps the sweetest thing about their wedding plans is that it’s a project they’ve tackled together. Young claims that El Moussa is “totally hands-on with everything” and she doesn’t “choose anything without him.” They’re even taking their personal lives in front of the camera, recently filming Tarek’s Flip Side and Rock the Block on HGTV together. The only thing left is for El Moussa to shoot a cameo on Selling Sunset — then the union will be officially complete. 

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