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Queen Elizabeth Doesn’t Intend to Comment on Meghan Markle’s Miscarriage

When Meghan Markle, Duchess of Sussex, came forward with her brave and moving account of going through a miscarriage this past summer, she no doubt knew the slew of criticism she would face from those who have always thought she was too outspoken, too attention-seeking, and too willing to let the public in on her (and by extension, the royals’) private moments. But she did it anyway, and already the outpouring of support and gratitude has made it clear why it was so important that she did. And Meghan had at least some small assurance that the full weight of royal family furor wouldn’t come down on her: husband Prince Harry had already discussed their pregnancy loss with the royal family, and they were aware of her New York Times article before its publication. That being said, you shouldn’t expect to see Queen Elizabeth II to be publicly announcing her condolences any time soon.

Per The Daily Beast, senior members of the royal family had been briefed on the article by Harry, but were declining to comment any further on the situation.

“The office of Queen Elizabeth said she would be making no comment on the ‘deeply personal’ issue. Prince Charles’ spokesperson said he would not be commenting on the ‘private’ issue. Prince William’s office said they would not comment.”

While this may seem like slow progress, consider the last time a royal was so raw about her experience with the press — Princess Diana’s 1995 Panorama interview comes to mind, as do the recorded tapes she provided biographer Andrew Morton for his 1996 biography Diana: In Her Own WordsWhen those revelations first came out, the royal family was horrified to have its privacy thus invaded, and wasted no time in distancing themselves from her.

25 years later, the royal family may not be able to come out and say they’re glad to be having an open and honest discourse about Meghan’s miscarriage. But their quiet support, and their continued embrace of Meghan and Harry as a welcome, but independent extension of their family speaks volumes about how their values have shifted.

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