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Chrissy Teigen Admits She’s Not Up For Battling Twitter Trolls These Days

We’ve always known and loved Chrissy Teigen for her unfiltered, unvarnished honesty. When she recently suffered a pregnancy loss with John Legend, she made the decision to come forward honestly about that side of her life too, in all its heartbreak, making countless others feel less alone in the process. As time has passed, Teigen has slowly returned to her more vocal self on social media, but she’s been characteristically honest here too, admitting that the thick skin she spent years building up as Twitter’s resident clapback queen is taking some time to build back up — if it ever does. After getting so vulnerable with the story of her miscarriage, Teigen is showing that total honesty doesn’t just mean sharing every feeling. It’s being honest about what you’re able to share, and what you’re able to handle in return, and Teigen is doing a masterful job of communicating her boundaries to fans.

Teigen posted a four-second clip of herself to Twitter in full glam, writing about her lip color before adding a note that she’s still “sensitive,” and ask viewers to go easy on her.

“Fire lip, we missed you! (tom ford – flame) I’m not good with holiday reds, need more orangey red!” she wrote. “(please don’t yell at me for this vanity post honestly I’m v sensitive right now).”

In a perfect world, Twitter would actually listen to her too. But in the world we’ve got, she’ll probably still get her fair share of trolls trying to take her down in the comments. Teigen doesn’t have to set a boundary with the expectation that everyone will listen, but she sets it so that she can be honest with herself and us about what kind of treatment she’s able to handle.

TL;DR: If this post gets flooded with hate and Teigen deactivates Twitter again, we’ll have no one to blame but ourselves. She very much warned us.

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