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Gisele Shares a Rare Photo of Her Daughter Looking Like a Mini Me of Herself

Somehow, many of our favorite celebrity mamas have given birth to their gorgeous doppelgänger daughters Take for example, Gwyneth Paltrow and her daughter Apple or Jessica Alba and her lookalike daughter Honor; chalk it up to plain luck or stronger genes, there are clearly levels to the mother-daughter twinning game. And now: model Gisele Bündchen and her daughter Vivian Lake have reached the nearly identical twin status. Yes, we’ve seen the duo strikingly twin in the past, but now it seems as though the two have more than just their good looks in common. In a new snap on Instagram, Bündchen showed off her and mini-me meditating on a beach, and it’s just as dreamy as you’d think.

Sitting atop her mama, Vivian Lake can be seen concentrating on reaching her zen, following in her moms footsteps. “Tomorrow is World Children’s Day, according to the UN and I wanted to do something to celebrate these little beings of light,” wrote the model on Instagram.

Bündchen continued: “This meditation in the form of a story was inspired by my children and a dedication to them and all the children in the world. My new meditation is available for free on the @insighttimer app. I hope you and your little ones enjoy it. #kidsmeditation #peace #meditation link bio🧘‍♀️❤️✨”

The mum and daughter duo are adorably sporting the same carefree hair, peaceful vibe, and undeniable charm — all the way down to the identical pose.

Fans were quick to point out the similarities, with one comment reading, “Your little girl is looking more and more like you!” While others praised the mother for teaching her daughter the art of meditating at a young age.

Even proud papa, Tom Brady, had a few words to say. Commenting, “😍😍 I love my girlie girls.”

Bündchen shares Vivian and her brother Benjamin, with husband Brady.

I mean, if there was anyone we could be twins, Gisele Bündchen would be pretty high on our list. But if we can’t do it, we’re happy to see Vivian Lake fulfill our dreams.

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