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Chrissy Teigen’s Twitter Battles Have a Secret Admirer in This ‘Sexiest Man Alive’ Alum

Chrissy Teigen never backs down from a social media battle; she’s been known to troll political figures and even humorously hit back at one of her followers. It’s a strategy that doesn’t work for all celebrities, but it works well for the former model because she doesn’t take herself too seriously. That quality has found her an A-list admirer who enjoys watching her masterfully play the Twitter game: George Clooney.

Considering that he doesn’t even have a Twitter account, it’s pretty funny to think the ‘Sexiest Man Alive’ alum is taking notes on her work. Clooney doesn’t think he has the same finesse that Teigen has in her clap-back skill set, but he calls her social media wizardry “fun” to watch from afar.

“I have much more fun watching Chrissy Teigen,” he says in a new GQ interview. “Somebody steps into her world and you go, ‘Oh, I wouldn’t do that, dude.’ It’s so much fun. Like somebody who thinks they’re really smart, and you just go, ‘Ugh, dude. You brought a knife to a gunfight.'”

Clooney admits that he goes the old-fashioned route, “with stacks of letters” that his assistant dubs “George Versus the World.” And even if he thinks he picks “good fights,” he bows down to the Queen of 280 characters.

We don’t disagree that Teigen might be the best keyboard warrior around, with the ability to tease hubby John Legend for looking like the cartoon character Arthur and test a new recipe for breadsticks all in the same hour on her Twitter feed.

Still, there can be a price to pay for the social media spotlight. In July, she deleted nearly 60,000 tweets and set her account o private mode after conspiracy theorists spouted off the idea that she and Legend were somehow tied to convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein. That moment took a dark turn for her family.

“I actually deleted 60,000 tweets because I cannot fucking STAND you idiots anymore and I’m worried for my family. Finding me talking about toddlers and tiaras in 2013 and thinking you’re some sort of fucking operative,” Teigen said in response to the  allegations.

Even with her social media skills, she has learned to take a pause every once in a while. She told Marie Claire she’s “barely online anymore” at the recommendation of her therapist.

“People think I’m tough, but I’m such an empath, and I take on other people’s pain and sadness as my own,” she says. “And when I let people down, I’m hyperaware of it. Sometimes I feel like people aren’t going to be as hard on me as I am on myself.”

Maybe Teigen won’t be so tough on herself now that she knows she has Clooney taking notes and cheering on her Twitter work from afar.

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